The question of Progress

The question of technology and progress came up in this weeks discussion. Some believe that technology drives progress, while others believe that progress drives technology. I think that both sides in this are both at least partially correct. I also think that technology is a part of progress. I will break down why I think the way I do on this topic. I think that both sides of this argument are intertwined because the relationship of technology and progress is a circle. This is because we as humans are never satisfied with what we have. No matter our situation, we will always try to make what we have better, whether it be upgrading one’s car or buying a bigger, better house. Because of this desire to upgrade, we use our technology to “progress” our lives and make it better, which goes along that side of the argument. However, we would not have this desire to progress if we could not, in at least some form, imagine the technology required to get us there. If the technology is not in person, it makes us as humans strive to get what we want, which shows that 1, the very idea of technology is making us progress, and 2, this attempt to seek out the new technology will inevitably lead to some failures that show the inventor other forms of technology they were not anticipating. I believe that this ties into the other side of the argument, and completes the circle, and the wants of society combined with technology that already exist turn this circle into a metaphorical “wheel” that drives society forward, because without progress we are nothing. So in that way, both sides push against each other trying to gain an edge, but since they are a wheel, all they can do is unknowingly spin the wheel of society and drive us forward to tomorrow.

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