Sixth blog post

I am going to cover the topic of Gattaca. I dont think we should do the embryo selection that is present in the movie. I think because it is very selfish of a parent to conceive what is best for their child without ever meeting them. To me, this will just result in every generation not having its own identity, but rather the identity of those before it.

Also, many people have broken the expectations set on them by society. Albert Einstein may have had a form of autism, but that is what allowed him to be so smart. If that was taken away, who knows what he may have become and where we would be as people. Defects are what make us human, and what makes us unique. One does not need to be perfect, or a genius, or and athlete to have meaning to the rest of the world, one simply needs to apply themselves to the best of their ability. I feel that this very much so ties into the notion of the gift by Sandel. Naturality is what makes us, US.

One does not need to meet requirements to exist, is what I am saying.

Also, I have turned in my 5th post as well.

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