Fifth post

I am working off the 4th prompt. The reason to care/hope/fight about more than the costs of production is the effort and the care that goes into the production and presentation of said item. This is because value has commonly been tied to the effort it takes to acquire something. In the past, the most valuable things on earth were not the things that were commonly around, but the ones that took the most time to get, like silk from China, and spices from the spice islands. When something is so commonly made and so easy to obtain, it becomes a common case of “if everyone is special then no one is”. For example, we have the technology to make reprints of every painting in existence, yet we choose not to, not because the painting itself is super special, but because those who painted were, and we feel that they deserve recognition. If everything is available for everyone, everything is the same. It is why there is desire for supercars or expensive watches or fancy jewelry. It is not because these things do anything better than any other product, a koenigsegg car will do the same as a cheap Hyundai, and a Rolex works as good as a Casio, it is because we recognize the work that is required to obtain them.

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