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In Foucault’s writings he claims that discipline can be applied by any political institution. This includes democracy, which we would like to think would be exempt from harsh discipline as all power lies in the hands of the people. However, this is not the case. Democracy does not prevent the exercise of discipline in all forms. It simply reroutes the discipline from a top down pyramid to a horizontal level in society. Instead of state agents performing random sweeps and instilling a state of fear. Discipline is exercised in a democratic society through the use of social paranoia. Everyone having an equal voice in society means that everyone can equally contribute to the criticization of any action that anyone takes. This means that instead of fearing about the secret police coming to your door to take you and your family away, you have an angry neighbor coming to complain that the grass in your yard is too long. The discipline comes not from stringent laws, but the freedom to criticize those who do not follow the norms of society. We see this on twitter and all over social media when people get cancelled for having storied pasts. We have so much freedom in democracy, we challenge all those who are different to us, where in authoritarianism no one speaks up for fear of being a thorn in the side of the beast that is the dictatorship.

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I love your connection of the public shaming phenomenon that occurs on twitter to the technology of discipline as a social control. This is a modern way of how people are surveilled by society even into their past. People must be more careful than ever because anything that is put on the internet is to be judged by the public and if it does not align with the standards of society then you will be judged and shamed.

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