How is race a technology

Race is a technology because certain people use all of the races on earth as means to an end. Whether they are positive or negative, throughout history people have pitted one race against each other because of the color of their skin. It is also a positive technology in the absence of using it. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wanted to use everyone as a technology so that we could come together, and not use it as a technology, wherein we see each other for our merits rather than our skin. I agree with his point, in that it shouldn’t be used as a technology, and that any judgement placed on anyone should be because of their excess or lack of merit, rather than their skin. However, some people decide that they can marginalize groups and put them into categories for political gain. As we have talked about in class, people are not thought of today for their opinions, but by what group they fit in to. I’m not Taylor Dunn to a pollster, I’m a young white college aged male. This shows that both sides really use everyone’s race as a technology without regard for who you actually are, but rather what statistics you make up.